• If you're wanting to become more familiar & confident with handguns, Alysia teaches classes specifically for women. This is a GREAT resource. Whether you have a concealed carry permit or not, this is valuable knowledge for even basic safety knowledge!
    Shalee Taylor
  • Huge shoutout to Sean & Alysia for an amazing course and prepping us for the 2-gun world and the absolute great hospitality. Highly recommend their course and can't wait for the next!
    Zack Turner
  • This is my second time taking the Competition 2-Gun Boot Camp, and I don’t think I could be bored if I took the same class 100 times over. Sean and Alysia definitely know what they are doing, and are great people to work with and learn from!! Lots of drills and stages throughout the class, and I highly recommend checking it out. I have lots of room for improvement but this really made me anxious to go try a 2-gun match!!!
    Jake Turner
  • I took Women's Introduction to Firearms taught by Alysia. While I was there, we learned all this awesome stuff about firearms; how they work, literally every part of them, how to disassemble them, how to clean them, how to load them, how to rack them, how to shoot, we learned everything; and then at the end, we practiced firing. And they gave away VIKTOS sling bag to the two top shooters, and one was me, which I was so stoked about! I'm so excited, and I'm gonna sign up for their Women's Intermediate Handgun class next month, I want to do it ASAP because it was so good! Anyway, it was an all women's class taught by a woman; very comfortable. Like there was no stupid questions; and so I still highly, highly, highly recommend that class! From that class alone I went from being like intimidated... not scared, like I understand guns because my husband had them around. I just didn't understand them enough to handle them until that class, and it's like been so nice. I finally felt confident!
    Jaelyn Barnes
  • Women's Intermediate Handgun training with Alysia was sa super fun class. Highly recommend to any woman who wants to be more comfortable with a handgun.
    Kanani Wilkinson
  • Our RUMA babes had the best time learning from Sean and Alysia at Elevated Training! We learned all about situational awareness and how to keep ourselves safe! Highly recommend Elevated Training for all things self defense.
    Shelby Miller
    Ruma Aesthetics
  • Women's Intro to Handguns was one of the classes I took this week with Alysia, and it was Great! Highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the basics!
    Jen Taylor
  • Always learning, thanks to my favorite lady powerhouse, Alysia! After finishing the women's advanced shooting course with her, I left feeling elated, educated, empowered, and extremely confident! Thank you for your time, energy, and humor Elevated Training!
    Shealah Craighead
  • Their quality is in the name, elevated… the amount of time and effort that went into individually assisting, in a group setting, was unmatched. Each person was taught pointers in more ways than one. From basic form, to narrowing down intricate techniques in real life examples. They know it all, and personally elevate their own training every day. Safe to say there’s not enough stars to give. Money well spent.
    Brayden Fausett
  • Did a team training with Sean - excellent communication and professionalism.
    Andrew McCormick
    Black Rifle Coffee
  • Hands down the funnest pistol class ever with a badass instructor, Alysia Burrows. Thanks for showing us how it's done!
    Sheena Cook
  • Brilliant class, and a lot was learned. Adding multiple weapon systems to the mix and establishing the right technique for transitioning is really complex. Sean really challenged us to push our boundaries, showed a lot of patience as we explored those boundaries, and was abundant with his humor to make it super fun throughout the day.
    Chez Chike-Udenze
  • Been always on the fence and intimidated by competition shooting ever since I started shooting, but Sean and Alysia definitely had me sold on this course. I definitely learned from everyone through watching their runs or even just asking questions.
    Sam Chau
  • I attended this highly anticipated event and trained with Sean and learned new skills that introduced me to 2-gun competition. The first half... we started from the ground up, working on rifle setups, gear, manipulations, and transitions. During the second half we had a mini competition within our group where each drill was a stage where we could win something. I maintained top 3 spots for each stage. It was a top tier event to say the least!
    Jamel Hughes
  • Well, my first official competition is in the books... I was lucky enough to pull off the win and actually take home some cold hard cash! I 100% used knowledge I just learned from Sean to make it happen! I owe you a drink next time man!
    Adam Tarwater
  • I first traveled to Utah to train with Sean and Alysia for two half-day sessions, and learn about the elements of competition shooting. Since then, Sean has been my main coach for a while now. Since he's out in Utah we continue to train regularly on FaceTime. If you are looking for great online training and can't get to a live class, book an online training session. They are so worth it!
    Maddy Scholar
  • It was... a basic firearms class... just for women. Alysia taught us, she did a great job over there at Ready Gunner, and it was... super basic. So if you're someone like me who grew up... not around guns, I didn't have a lot of experience with guns; I haven't ever had anyone really  teach me properly. That's why I liked it. I didn't have to feel stupid asking questions, she just covered all the basics and went from ground zero. So, I was really comfortable... and then at the end we got to go and shoot in the range. So I would definitely recommend it... and then at the end when I was looking at guns and deciding which one to buy, Alysia was super helpful in helping me determine which one was going to be the best one. So very happy with that experience. I'm definitely going to be going back!
    Robyn Maher
    Robym Maher Fitness
  • I took a basic rifle class from Sean and he did a great job at teaching me how to use a rifle and doing target transitions. We went over a multitude of drills to practice both with live fire and dry fire and Sean timed all of my runs to help set a bench mark of where I am at, so I have something to refer back to to see if I am getting better or if I need to work on refining my shooting skills in certain areas. I would highly recommend taking a class from Sean Burrows.
    Patrick Fowkes
  • I just took the advanced action pistol class with Sean burrows Team Federal and it definitely is a pinnacle level course. But don't let that scare you away there is something for the 'tactical Timmies,' something for the competition guys and gals. You learn normal reloads, speed reloads, reloading on the move, shooting on the move, shooting from awkward positions. It's definitely a well rounded course for two days, and I highly suggest it to anyone who has any interest in getting better with their pistols.
    Prophet Harrison
  • These guys are AMAZING! I took their concealed carry ready class and am now doing private instruction with Sean. They are PROFESSIONAL shooters and know what they are talking about. They aren't just gun nuts with a bunch of safe queens.
    Benjamin Schwendiman
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