S ean and Alysia Burrows live, work, and travel across the country together as sponsored competitive 3-gunners, firearms instructors, and perpetual students of the action shooting sports. As practitioners of the pistol, rifle, and shotgun their years of experience racing against their peers with all three platforms puts these two in a unique position to share their experience with students the techniques and methods used to perform with a firearm effectively under stress.

With the spike in new gun ownership all over the United States in 2020, they found themselves overwhelmed with a non-stop stream of online questions about equipment, training, and best practices with firearms. The volume of questions became so numerous in fact, that they knew it was time to bring much of what they practice to a more accessible and organized platform.

In order to more effectively share what they have spent years learning and implementing, Sean & Alysia launched a series of online and in-person training curriculums designed to promote responsible, safe, and effective use of firearms across multiple platforms and applications.

Welcome to Elevated Training!

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Keep your training sharp even when you're not in class or on the range. It is FREE to join, and a resource we've created to keep students engaged, answer questions, and share tips and insights to help keep students progressing between taking classes.

We've done the Facebook Groups and other formats, but after getting restricted too many times, and eventually shut down; we finally decided we didn't want 'big tech' to have a say on the skills and insights we share online, so we built our own!

The Co-founder of Elevated Training LLC, is an accomplished multigun competition shooter, NRA-certified instructor, certified Utah concealed firearms permit instructor, licensed private security officer, and mother of four.

Alysia Burrows was born and raised in Orange County, California, received her B.S. from University of Utah in 2009 where she took her first pistol course. With 20 years of marriage under their belt, she and her husband Sean are inseparable on and off the range. After her first shot from a pistol, it has been difficult to find a moment when she is not in close proximity to a firearm of her choice.

In 2015, she began exploring the world of competition shooting, eventually finding her way to the multigun shooting sports. Currently, she leverages her rapidly growing social media following to help inform, inspire, and empower other women and families to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and participate in the shooting sports.

Sean Burrows is an active multigun competition shooter, certified firearms instructor, and Second Amendment advocate. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, guns and the outdoors have always been a way of life for him. He spent his summers shooting .22 rifles and bows in his backyard, and the cold winters shooting air guns in his parents’ basement. He participated in his first shooting competition in 2005 at a fundraiser match for a local politician’s campaign, where he took third place and won a pump shotgun. That was his first taste of what lead to a full-blown addiction to the practical shooting sports.

In more recent years, Sean has turned to 3-gun, and he competes regularly across the western United States in club, regional, and national matches with his wife and shooting teammate, Alysia. His passion for shooting and firearms extends to the rest of his family as he makes ample time to spend with his four children, passing along the skills and life lessons learned from the pastime that has come to mean so much to him.

Sean Burrows

Co-Founder / Lead Instructor