Private Shooting Lessons Are Here!

You've been asking for it, and it is finally here! Elevated Training is now offering private shooting instruction for shooters looking to refine their skills on and off the range. If you're looking to quickly fine-tune fundamentals, trouble-shoot challenges, or achieve a break-through to a new level in performance; then you have come to the right place!

Private instruction sessions are available for individuals, couples, and small groups with similar skill levels. Whether you're looking for in-person range time or live online dry fire video sessions, Sean and Alysia are here to help you achieve your next shooting breakthrough.

Book an in-person or online session, and start exploring your own shooting performance capabilities!

Train with Sean Burrows

1 On 1, Training Partners, & Small Groups

Fine tune your marksmanship, recoil control, weapons manipulation, and get nuanced analytical breakdown on your shooting performance.


Train with Alysia Burrows

1 On 1, Training Partners, & Small Groups

Develop your shooting, mindset, speed, movement with a firearm, big picture fundamentals cleanup, and smooth the edges of your overall execution on the range.


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Join Our Online Skill Builder Community!

Keep your training sharp even when you're not in class or on the range. It is FREE to join, and a resource we've created to keep students engaged, answer questions, and share tips and insights to help keep students progressing between taking classes.

We've done the Facebook Groups and other formats, but after getting restricted too many times, and eventually shut down; we finally decided we didn't want 'big tech' to have a say on the skills and insights we share online, so we built our own!