Ladies Only Shooting Classes

Ladies, these classes were created specifically with you in mind. Our founder, Alysia Burrows has created courses to help all women who attend become confident and self sufficient with firearms. No matter your level of experience, you too can get training in a comfortable environment surrounded by like-minded people who also happen to be the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in America.

Women's Pistol 1

Half Day Course

We created this class is for women to explore safe, responsible gun ownership in a comfortable learning environment. Even if you have no experience with guns, and don't even know if you want to own one; you're in good company!

Absolutely no men allowed! Remember ladies, you are part of the fastest growing demographic among US gun owners. We want to help this trend continue by offering top notch education and training!


Women's Pistol 2

Half Day Course

This class continues where the intro class left off, taking students to the range to apply what they learned in the classroom.

As with all of our ladies-only classes, absolutely no men are allowed, as you learn how to confidently use a handgun in a safe, controlled environment with live ammunition in a group of like-minded women.


Women's Pistol 3

1 Day Course

Why should ladies-only classes be restricted to beginner curriculums? You bought a gun for self defense, and you've learned your safety fundamentals. So, come learn to really use your handgun with other ladies!

This entire class is designed to take you from being a new gun owner make you into a competent and effective shooter. Increase accuracy, get on target faster, manage recoil better like a boss, and learn to manipulate your pistol like it is an extension of your hand. You're ready for this!


Personal Protection Management

Half Day Course

Not all self defense requires a gun! Personal Protection Management is a complete crash course for individuals ready to take responsibility for their own safety.

This curriculum is designed to equip and empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their loved ones in a variety of threatening situations. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their situational awareness and learn practical techniques for managing personal safety.


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Join Our Online Skill Builder Community!

Keep your training sharp even when you're not in class or on the range. It is FREE to join, and a resource we've created to keep students engaged, answer questions, and share tips and insights to help keep students progressing between taking classes.

We've done the Facebook Groups and other formats, but after getting restricted too many times, and eventually shut down; we finally decided we didn't want 'big tech' to have a say on the skills and insights we share online, so we built our own!