The Concealed Carry Ready course is a unique combination of classroom and live fire training offered exclusively at the Ready Gunner state-of-the-art indoor shooting range. The course incorporates all necessary academic training requirements to obtain one of the most sought after concealed weapons permits in the US., and key highlights from their more in-depth Basic and Intermediate Action Pistol courses.

The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is recognized and honored in 35 states, has become a must for Utah residents and non-residents alike. New and experienced gun owners alike are encouraged to attend!

Course Outline:

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Firearm Safety & Handling Fundamentals
  • Basics of Concealed Carry
  • Concealed Firearms Permit Application Process
  • State & Federal Firearms Laws (including laws related to the use of force for self defense)
  • Pistol Skill-Builder Range Session

Round Count:

100 - 150


12aug3:00 pm9:00 pmCONCEALED CARRY READYUtah Concealed Firearms Permit Class & Basic Handgun Training

31aug3:00 pm9:00 pmCONCEALED CARRY READYUtah Concealed Firearms Permit Class & Basic Handgun Training


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What To Bring

  • One (1) serviceable handgun.
  • 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • Eye protection.
  • Ear protection.
  • Appropriate range attire.
  • Valid driver license.
  • Note taking materials.
  • A positive attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I take this class if I've never shot a gun before?
You are encouraged to do so! We can't wait to see you here, and looking forward to helping you start your journey as not just a gun owner, but an informed shooter!
2Can't I just buy ammo when I get to the range?
We highly recommend you do not wait to purchase ammunition the day of the class. Ammo availability is scarce and intermittent. Plan ahead and make sure you have what you need before the day of the class.
3How do I register for the class?
You may either purchase the course at Ready Gunner, or you can register on their website. Just click here to register.

4Does the $100 tuition include everything I need to obtain a Utah CFP?
No, it does not. The $100 tuition covers the course itself, a set of blue-type fingerprints, and a passport quality photo that the State of Utah requires to submit with your concealed firearms permit application. The tuition for this class, however does not include the state application fees.
5May I bring my own fingerprints and photo?
You don't need to bring anything of the sort in order to attend the class. If you don't want us to provide fingerprinting and photo services because you have had them done elsewhere, you are more than welcome to submit them with your application.
6Do you submit my application to the state for me?
We do not submit your application to the State of Utah on your behalf. However, you will leave the class with everything you need to submit your application, and instructions on how best to proceed.
7When can I submit my concealed carry application to the State of Utah?
Immediately! Your stamped and signed application is valid for up to one year from the date marked on your application by your instructor. Don't delay though! If your application is received even one day past the year mark, you'll be required to re-take the course.
8How long does it take to receive my permit?
By law, the state of Utah is required to issue your permit no more than 60 days after your application is received (if they find no reason to deny your application). As demand is currently very high, the Utah State Bureau of Criminal Information is working quickly to process all applications, and they ask that you give them up to 60 days to process your submission, and not to call for a status update one week after submission.
9Are there refunds if my application is rejected?
No. You are paying for a course from a certified instructor who delivers required materials and training as part of the application process. Completing the application submission, and meeting all state requirements for a concealed firearms permit is ultimately the applicant's responsibility.
10My I reschedule if I cannot make the class?
Yes. As this is a course offered exclusively through Ready Gunner, they handle all scheduling matters. Give them a call during their normal business hours at (801)607-5363 and make arrangements accordingly.
11I don't own a gun yet. Do I need to buy one before I can take this class?
If you aren't sure what type of pistol you want to own, we encourage you to rent one the professional staff at the range recommend you try. You can rent a pistol to use in the class for $15.
12What if my application gets rejected, do I get a refund?
This class is part of necessary application requirements for a Utah CFP. There are no refunds for denied applications.
13What if I can’t make it to the class, may I reschedule?
Yes. Just call text us at 801-516-3614 and we can get you rescheduled for another date.